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BCBusiness Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion prides itself on the most dependable service and support

It’s no secret to retail and other suppliers that customs regulations for trans-border shipments have become increasingly complex over the years. In addition, the growing volume of shipments between Canada and the U.S. adds even more complexity to trans-border crossings.

But companies that rely on on-time delivery for their success needn’t worry about the innumerable regulatory and administrative factors that must be addressed to achieve the efficient transport of goods—that is, as long as they use the trans-border services of Old Dominion Freight Line.

With over 23,000 employees and 233 service centres contributing to a 99+ percent ontime delivery rate, Old Dominion is widely considered one of the most reliable national Less-Than- Truckload (LTL) freight carriers in North America. That reliability extends to Old Dominion’s singlesource trans-border shipping service, which offers one of the highest on-time percentages and lowest claims ratios in the industry.

“We have more than 30 years experience in customs processing and fully understand the importance of working with brokers to get the proper clearance for freight,” says Todd Dayley, regional sales director for Old Dominion.

LTL freight shipping with Old Dominion offers numerous advantages, including: 24/7 availability of customs clearance and brokerage services; 100 percent freight visibility for real-time freight shipment status; and guaranteed service for timesensitive shipments.

“From the shipper’s perspective, all he or she needs to do is book a shipment, fill out the online customs document, and we take care of the rest. We also provide many different levels of support—including those offered by Old Dominion border specialists—for those with questions about the shipping process,” says Dayley.

Other advantages of Old Dominion’s LTL freight shipping include direct loading to and from major U.S. markets; single carrier responsibility with bonded facilities; and state of the art logistics in terms of freight security: trackability, damage prevention and optional Security Divider Service.

Dayley stresses that whatever the need, his company has the wherewithal to accommodate. “Many customers have their own brokers and we work very efficiently with them,” he says. “Of course, there are advantages to using our brokers, not the least of which is you receive a single invoice for all of your duties, taxes, bonds, et cetera. In short, you know your upfront costs at a glance.”

In addition to being hit by chargebacks and fines, nothing is more damaging to a supplier’s reputation than missing required delivery times, and one of the biggest hurdles in this regard is crossing the border.

“We stay on top of the everchanging requirements in order to ensure the timely provision of that all-important electronic manifest,” says Dayley.

“That, along with our experience and technology, allows us to manage domestic and international freight safely and expediently.” 

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with Old Dominion Freight Line