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Metal Tech Alley is bringing together entrepreneurs, specialized skills and opportunities for commercialization in Trail

Metal Tech Alley is regional marketing strategy managed by the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation that focuses on a cluster of innovative business leaders who are leveraging the mountain lifestyle to create the perfect opportunity for adventure-seeking entrepreneurs in order to conduct big business from Trail, B.C. 

But not just any business: Metal Tech Alley’s target market is like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs who specialize in digital fabrication and advanced materials and metallurgy; industrial recycling and the circular economy; and the industrial Internet and big data technology.

This focus makes sense considering the region’s heritage: this part of B.C. has always attracted innovators and disruptors, most notably in the resource and manufacturing sectors (today, for example, Trail is a global centre for metallurgy and advanced materials science, as well as an acknowledged game changer in industrial recycling and cloud computing).

Given the region’s accumulation of talent, Metal Tech Alley was created to promote this incredible cluster of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, industry specialists and support organizations to drive economic opportunities and competitiveness; as of 2019 they are 100-strong and growing. 

As a result, Metal Tech Alley companies and partners can help businesses start up and innovate with global capacity, by providing access to investment and getting product to market faster. Entrepreneurs locating to Metal Tech Alley also have access to applied research, commercialization and digital fabrication training facilities, as well as production and testing facilities, professional services and affordable industrial land and prime business real estate.

Unsurprisingly, these benefits are attracting a wide range of professionals to the region including Pilar Portela, CEO of i4C Innovation Centre. “Metal Tech Alley stimulates growth with strategies and tactics that focus on our industry and technology partners by connecting the dots, creating a network to achieve success,” says Portela. “The collective desire to collaborate and drive business opportunities that are helping to transform the region are a big reason why we chose this location for i4C.”  

Metal Tech Alley is also home to, Fenix Advanced Materials, one of the many successful businesses in this region—a high-technology company specialized in manufacturing ultra-high purity metals for use in solar energy, telecommunications, commercial and military infrared and other markets. By locating in Metal Tech Alley, Fenix is utilizing the local supply chain, applying specialist expertise and working with business support organizations to create a new global market for ultra high purity metals. “We want to utilize and add value to the raw materials readily available in our region especially from Fenix, Teck Metals, Retriev Technologies and Eagle Graphite,” managing director Don Freshi says. 

Don’t get left behind. Lead the way with Metal Tech Alley. 

To find out how Metal Tech Alley can support you and your business, visit metaltechalley.com/business-success-metal-tech-alley/ or contact:
Terry Van Horn
LCIC and Metal Tech Alley Executive Director

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with Metal Tech Alley