Construction of Site C mega dam could begin in July

Plus, the perils of working at home and robots come to Kelowna

Site C in sight
Construction on the $8.8-billion Site C mega dam near Fort St. John could get underway as soon as next month, according to Site C community relations manager David Conway. On Monday, Conway told Dawson Creek city council that work could start in July, even though, he said, “I suspect a number of the lawsuits [aimed at stopping the dam] will still be ongoing.” Conway added that 45 more provincial permits still need to be approved before work can begin. (via Alaska Highway News)

One is the loneliest number
Working at home has its perks—flexible hours, a short commute—but there are drawbacks, too, according to a new report from workplace multinational Regus. In Western Canada, 35 per cent of home workers, umm, “get lonely.” Some other key findings:

49% work outside the office more than half the week

40% think family members take their work less seriously when they work from home

64% say they feel they need to schedule trips out of the house 

65% miss mixing with other professionals

28% are worried about becoming overweight

Harder, better, faster, stronger
At last, robots are coming to Kelowna. But no, not to assist/replace the city’s many retirees. Rather, for an annual meet-up of the NSERC Canadian Field Robotics Network, which represents 20 universities across Canada. Previous get-togethers have been held in Toronto and Montreal, but this is the first Western Canadian foray for the robot makers, who will be testing their future-job-stealing machines on Friday at Kelowna’s Knox Mountain Park. Yes, you can watch, any time between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. (via Castanet)