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The term “energy efficiency” conjures images of advanced HVAC systems or elaborate green technologies that keep homes and commercial buildings cozy, and save property owners money. 

In fact, energy efficiency can most easily be achieved with good insulation. But what distinguishes good from standard? The people at Mississauga-based spray foam manufacturer Icynene have the answer.
Founded in 1986, Icynene’s extensive portfolio of superior insulation options noticeably reduces monthly cooling and heating costs as well as the chance of mould or mildew developing.
Icynene’s industry-leading closed cell spray foam is ideal for commercial applications, and the open cell spray foams rapidly expand to 100 times their original volume. The full product line provides both insulation and an air barrier—and yet they contain no harmful chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons or polybrominated diphenyl ethers.
So effective are these professionally applied foams in terms of keeping heat in buildings during winter and air conditioning during summer that over three billion board feet of Icynene spray foam insulation has been installed in over 400,000 residential and commercial projects over the past 29 years.
The manufacturer’s innovation, ongoing improvement and extensive testing have continued to enhance the product’s incredible performance and reputation. Plus, the brand has gained international fame thanks to being featured on HGTV, PBS and Discovery Channel. Moreover, Icynene’s prevalence in the construction sector has been vastly facilitated by a network of licensed dealers (in Canada, from coast to coast).
Icynene is a genuine made-in-Canada success story—one with a global reach. And although its range of medium density (closed cell), and low density (open cell) foams accommodate a huge range of building needs, the basic advantage is the same: the foam’s expansion properties create a tight-fitting seal even in the most elaborate building frames.
At a time when building codes, more than ever, demand that residential and commercial properties be developed to the highest standards, Icynene is on hand to help designers and owners achieve their energy-savings goals.