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The 2016 Burnaby Hospital Foundation gala invites guests to experience A Night in Havana

Cheryl Carline, Burnaby Hospital Foundation president and CEO, shares why Havana was the destination of choice for this year’s event and what surprises attendees can look forward to

Originally created to celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Burnaby Hospital Foundation gala has since become an extremely successful and popular annual event. “It’s a great opportunity for the community to come together to recognize our successes,” says Cheryl Carline.

What inspired the theme of this year’s gala?
Well to understand that, you need to start at the beginning. The last two galas were themed Paris and New York respectively, and after that people began asking us, “Where are we going next?” So the theme really evolved into this larger idea of a passport to the world and every year we try and take guests on a trip somewhere. This year we’re going to Havana!

What can guests expect to experience at this year’s gala?
We always try to create a memorable experience for our guests and this year is no exception. The room will be done up like it’s a night in Havana with music and themed cocktails. There will be a live auction, a raffle and other goodies such as our wall of wine, where participants can take home a bottle of wine worth up to $100. People will really enjoy travelling to another part of the world while staying in their own backyard.

What does the gala mean to the Burnaby Hospital Foundation?
The gala is the foundation’s signature event! This year is especially exciting because we will be talking about the Renewal Project and getting the community excited to support it. It is also an important time to recognize the contribution that community members, sponsors and hospital staff have made to Burnaby Hospital. We present four awards that recognize the leadership and philanthropy of our wonderful staff and donors.

A Night in Havana takes place on Friday, November 18 at the Delta Burnaby Hotel and Convention Centre. For more details visit