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The Afghanistan Crisis: MOSAIC is Your Chance to Make a Difference

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has grown worse with the Taliban takeover, extreme poverty and two recent and devastating earthquakes. Donating to MOSAIC can save lives.

Afghanistan is facing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. The Afghan people are entangled in conflict, drought, extreme poverty, human rights violation—especially for women and girls—and two devastating earthquakes.

“The Taliban continues to oppress Afghan women and girls, depriving them of their rights,” says Sharon Butler, Director of Strategic Engagement and Partnerships from MOSAIC, one of BC’s largest settlement and employment services organization supporting immigrants and refugees. “They are not allowed to work or own businesses. Girls as young as seven years old are being taken out of school and not allowed an education. They need your help.”

MOSAIC is working tirelessly to bring to safety some of the millions of Afghan people who have been forcibly displaced and live in daily fear for their lives. The organization has been sponsoring Afghan refugees since 2021 and aims to sponsor around 700 people—including families, women and children, and single refugee women—through its Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program.

So far, the program has brought 82 Afghan refugees to Canada—many of whom supported Canada’s peacekeeping efforts in the country before the Taliban takeover.

“Seeking asylum and a safe life for their families, refugees are pleading for help from around the world,” Butler says. “MOSAIC is a leader in this Canadian effort, working to sponsor refugee families and help bring them to safety. If we don’t help, these families can face up to ten years of waiting or further deportation.”

But the costs are hefty. It takes $35,000 to support a family of four or $20,000 for an individual, and funding for the project will close by the end of 2024. MOSAIC is seeking financial contributions to continue its work.

“Your giving saves lives and brings hope to refugees,” Butler says. “Everyone deserves a safe life and a place to call home.”

People in British Columbia can donate to help in the sponsorship process through MOSAIC. “When families arrive to Canada, we refer them to settlement agencies and any other resources that are relevant and available to them,” Sherman Chan, Director of Family and Settlement from MOSAIC says. “We develop a settlement plan with them for a year and ensure access to English classes, employment support, further education, and trauma counselling when needed, all while making sure they are getting to know their community.”

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