Big Fat Deal: $11 million for a modest mountain getaway

Inside an $11-million five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 5,090-square-foot house on a 9,015-square-foot lot in Whistler.

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Address: 4961 Horstman Lane, Whistler

Price: $10,995,000

Listing: W036036

The skinny: Five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 5,090-square-foot house on a 9,015-square-foot lot in Whistler.

The bling: Check your calendars: it’s time to get the winter chores out of the way. Snow tires on, skis waxed, and staff instructed to prepare your relocation for the season? Good. Next on the agenda is surely a change of alpine scenery. Last year’s luxury lodge just won’t do—you deserve an upgrade, your own bed (or three) to ski home to, and space for someone to whip up a four-course dinner for you and your hangers on whenever you damn well feel like it. It’s good to settle down and show off: what’s the use of being obscenely loaded if you can’t be a bit flash once in a while (and in any case, having the party at your place will save you oodles in this resort)? Admittedly, this is a pretty modest affair—just a few bedrooms, a gym and a media room—some might call it small, you should refer to it as classily unostentatious. Of course the downside of such a bijou property is finding space to put the staff. But a few yoga mats and sleeping bags in the garage probably won’t disturb you too much, so long as they are tidied up before you head out to hit that fresh powder.

The hidden extras: Private ski in/ski out access, hot tub, outdoor fire.