Big Fat Deal: $14 million for a pot grower’s paradise

Inside a seven-bedroom, six-bathroom, 7,968-square-foot house on a 25,400-square-foot lot in Point Grey

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Address: 4741 W 2nd Avenue, Point Grey

Price: $13,980,000

MLS: R2232436 

The skinny: Seven-bedroom, six-bathroom, 7,968-square-foot house on a 25,400-square-foot lot in Point Grey.

The bling: It’s not easy finding a live/work space that offers accommodation for the entire staff—and, let’s face it, in these unaffordable times, what Vancouver business wouldn’t benefit from keeping its workers under lock and key? (Sorry? So close to the action? Yes, that’s exactly what we meant.) Here it is: the perfect spot to ease your transition from those dark days in the middle of nowhere to becoming a fully legal grow-operation. Yes, this beauty is the answer to your commercial hydroponic pot dreams; just look at that double-height pool room, dripping with foliage. Not to mention the very private backyard, where even your shyest clients can sample your wares with only the ceramic water nymphs for company. And, if you all get a little misty-eyed recalling the fun times when you were holed up in that little backwoods shack, the extensive wood panelling throughout should help make your new space just like home.

The hidden extras: Recreation room, games room, wet bar, garage space for three vehicles plus heaps of secluded private parking (so the neighbours can’t see whose popping by for a puff).