Big Fat Deal: $19.4 million for a frat pad at UBC

Inside a seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 11,501-square-foot house on a 30,000-square-foot lot at UBC in Vancouver

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Address: 5771 Newton Wynd, Vancouver

Price: $19,380,000

Listing: R2369003

The skinny: Seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 11,501-square-foot house on a 30,000-square-foot lot at UBC

The bling: You’re as young as you feel, right? We know you spent your youth working your way up the net worth ladder, keeping your nose (relatively) clean and eschewing the party scene in favour of accelerated income growth. You’ve sacrificed a lot: first you stayed home and studied, then you stayed in the office with only your inner greed to keep you company. Well, that’s all in the past, right? You’ve counted your pennies (bajillions of them), and you’ve decided to throw yourself a little reward—you may not look young, or be young, but my goodness, what’s stopping you from acting like you are an arrested adolescent? Here’s the frat pad you never had: loads of room, huge squishy sofas, and on a lot big enough to not disturb the neighbours when you party. Because, my friend, party you will. It’s time to loosen up and open up. Honestly, you don’t even need real friends—once the word gets out around campus that there’s a super rich old man ready to let anyone in to rip it up, you’ll never feel lonely again. What a life!

The hidden extras: All the party pieces: media room, swimming pool, steam room, table tennis, pool table and plenty of bedrooms. Just add beer.