Big Fat Deal: $29 million to lord it over Cloverdale

Inside an eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 12,672-square-foot villa on 76 acres in Cloverdale

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Address: 4552 192 Street, Cloverdale

Price: $28,800,000

Listing: R2249124

The skinny: Eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 12,672-square-foot villa on 76 acres in Cloverdale

The bling: Sometimes you have to wait for the bling to rise: why pay $26,000,000 for a property when you can hold off a few months and make it your own for almost $29 million? Makes no sense, right? You’ve got masses of moolah, you want everyone to know about it. (And the current owners clearly agree, having upped the asking $2.8 million since it was first listed last summer.) Seriously, this is the place in which you can finally live your authentic life as a fully-fledged member of the batty billionaires’ club. Because, let’s face it, given a few hundred million bucks in the bank, which of us wouldn’t want a property bedecked and be-marbled and perched on a huge swath of land landscaped within an inch of its life and boasting two lakes (one stuffed full of trout), a purpose-built beach, a helipad, a putting green and various other over-the-top accessories? In Cloverdale. Just don’t tell anyone that despite owning a mega-mansion on 76 acres, the assessed value of your home is only $2.92 million. But hey, being able to pay way, way, way over the odds when the mood strikes you is a privilege you’ve earned. 

The hidden extras: Ten-acre vineyard, amphitheatre, infinity pool, koi pond, caterer’s kitchen (we thought you’d like that) and a “significant” annual income from renting it out to movie productions (if you can bear the inconvenience, of course).