Big Fat Deal: $40 million for 20,000 square feet of majestic mayhem in West Van

Inside a $40-million six-bedroom 20,279-square-foot mansion in West Vancouver

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 1243 Chartwell Place, West Vancouver

Price: $39,900,000

Listing:  R2285544

The skinny: Six-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 20,279 square feet on 2.82 acres in West Vancouver

The bling: Rich people do the darndest things sometimes. Take this week’s load of luxury, for example. In 2012, this was sold as an everyday piece of West Van posh for a goodly $8 million. Since then, of course, the area has undergone something of a turbo boost, and keeping up with the neighbours is a full-time furnishing nightmare. Thank goodness the current owners saw their mansion slide into bargain basement territory and corrected its downfall before you had to sully your shoes on its old-growth floors (check out those sad little “before” pics). They tore out all those bothersome original features and went full on majestic mayhem: big marble over here, big windows over there. No detail was left behind: this property has been bedecked and bejazzled down to the last light fitting. Yep, they really made it great again. Phew, what a relief. And it’s only going to cost you $40 million to take advantage of all their hard work. What’s that you say? Cheap at twice the price? Like we told you, this one’s a really Big Fat Deal.

The hidden extras: Media room, wine cellar, indoor pool, sauna, tennis court, blah, blah, blah-di-blah…