Big Fat Deal: $4.45 million to be high in the Vancouver sky

Inside a $4.45-million three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,300-square-foot Coal Harbour condo in Vancouver

BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: Cielo Coal Harbour, #1802, 1205 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Price: $4,450,000

Listing: R2377581

The skinny: Three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,300-square-foot condo in Coal Harbour

The bling: This is a development called Cielo, which is Spanish for “sky.” It also comes from the root word for “ceiling,” and that’s important because that is just one of the important features of this $4,450,000 apartment, along with floors and also furniture if you bring some. Its 2,300 square feet offer plenty of room for chairs and tables and other chairs and everything under the “cielo.”

Well, perhaps not everything—you don’t get your own private island. Or a detached four-bedroom home and a private ferry. For that you’d need to go to Inchmarnock, Scotland, about an hour west of Glasgow. A recent listing there includes the entire 660-acre island, a modern four-bedroom house, a working farm, over five kilometres of coastline and a local history that goes back to the Vikings. They’re asking about CDN$2.3 million. But to be fair, for about twice that much you can have your own little piece of the Cielo, a spacious Coal Harbour apartment that, if the pictures are to be believed, has windows and a refrigerator and everything.

And really, you don’t want your own private island. You might be tempted to stage another Fyre Festival which would turn into a humiliating fiasco and lose you a lot of money. Perhaps not as much extra money as you will spend buying your Cielo condo, but the point is, it will be a lot less trouble.

Yes, you’re better off with Cielo. The condo has a concealed pantry, which is sort of like having a private island but without all that inconvenient land. Did we mention it means “sky,” as in, “The sky is not yet falling for Vancouver real estate prices, which may or may not have a ceiling?”

The hidden extras: Comes with four parking spaces, in case you have farm equipment for some reason