Big Fat Deal: $5M for a place where you can live together and apart

Inside a two-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,973-square-foot house (plus a 2,900-square-foot coach house) on 42 acres in Mission

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Address: 34801 Ferndale Avenue, Mission

Price: $5,200,000

MLS: R2126768

The skinny: Two-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,973-square-foot house (plus a 2,900-square-foot coach house) on 42 acres in Mission.

The bling: Living together is hard. But splitting your not-inconsiderable assets would be even tougher, right? It’s simply unthinkable to be reduced to entertaining your friends and family in a grubby little $2-million penthouse or worse, a house east of Main Street. Well, this week’s BFD is the perfect compromise wrapped in a big ol’ 42-acre bow. Here we have not one, but two luxury properties on the same land, spaced far enough away that you’re out of each other’s hair but close enough that you can muster the pretense of still being together for appearance’s sake. You can tell everyone you’re downsizing to the country for the lifestyle while secretly upsizing the space between you on a day-to-day basis. Sure, it’ll require a little staging when the weekenders swing by for a bit of wild venison terrine and a few Moscow Mules, but that has got to be far less effort than the frozen smile you’ve had on your party face for the past decade or so. And because you’re all the way out in nowhere land—ahem, Mission—you’ll have plenty of prep time to get yourself shipshape. It’s true, you’ll have to share the pool, but hey, even you can’t have it all, right?

The hidden extras: Pool, hot tub, steam room, media room, outdoor kitchen, barn.

The first house…

And the second house…