Big Fat Deal: $6 million for a showy Richmond mansion

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 9491 Finn Road, Richmond
Price: $5,880,000
MLS: R2000449
The skinny: Seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 11,500-square-foot, one-year-old house, on a half-acre lot in south Richmond, close to the Fraser River.
The bling: Oh my! You better bring a big personality—or an interior designer—with you to this one: the ornate wrought iron, double circular staircase and black-and-white horizontally striped walls of the entrance hallway will seem quite tame by the time you’ve hiked through this showy Richmond pad. Candelabras of every persuasion, inlaid geometric floor tiles and massive modern gas fireplaces feature prominently. Even the bedrooms play hard ball: would you prefer to sleep in a room with thick vertical stripes of metallic gold-and-black wallpaper or one with a giant mural of a very hungry-looking lion about to pounce? And then there’s the undulating mirrored tiling in the bathroom, with its ultra-chic update of a clawfoot tub big enough for two. The exterior may look primly quirky—in a high-tech-industrial-estate-prefab-office-units-glued-together kind of a way—but inside, this house really takes off its glasses and shakes its long hair loose. 
The hidden extras: One-bedroom private suite on the main floor, detached four-car garage, kidney-shaped outdoor pool, media room, wet bar—everything you need to hole up at the end of a busy week, shut the humdrum out and get on with, um, shaking out those tresses.