Big Fat Deal: $7 million to cast away the wife and kids at a Shuswap Lake cabin

Inside a $7-million two-bedroom cabin on 4.62 acres beside Shuswap Lake

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Address: 2403 Rocky Point Road, Blind Bay

Price: $6,800,000

Listing: 10163921

The skinny: Two-bedroom, one-bathroom, 864-square-foot cabin on 4.62 acres of forested land on Shuswap Lake

The bling: Roll up, roll up! Here’s a blinding bit of bona fide 1950s Canadiana for you. Yes, that’s right, folks: for just $7 million you can bring all your friends and family and rough it for real. What a relief to escape all that marble and Miele, right? And it’s good to be reminded that cinder blocks and cork tiles could be your year-round reality if you don’t keep focused on the more important things in life. Actually, talking of which, you may be too busy shorting the market and making bajillions at the expense of the rest of us to pitch up and roast s’mores for the sake of family unity. How could anyone expect you to exist untethered from a hyper fast Internet connection, I ask you? Worry not. You may not have time for a digital detox but why not just drop the kids off and let them go feral? The missus can hide out relax in the bunkhouse and drink gin tea. So what if it all gets a bit Lord of the Flies? A bit of healthy competition never did anyone any real harm, right? And this way, you’ll find out which of them really is a chip off the old block.

The hidden extras: When you’re bored of exercising your inner woodsman, there’s a whole heap of trees that can be bulldozed to make space for a luxury retreat you might actually be prepared to stay in. Think golf course, helipad and WiFi tower. Now you’re talking.