Big Fat Deal: $7.5 million for a rich kid’s playground in East Van

Inside a three-bedroom, six-bathroom, 7,301-square-foot house on a 3,861-square-foot lot in East Vancouver

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Address: 3870 Commercial Street, East Vancouver

Price: $7,450,000

Listing: R2310009

The skinny: Three-bedroom, six-bathroom, 7,301-square-foot house on a 3,861-square-foot lot 

The bling: Oh, brother! This one’s for you. The parents have had enough of you and all your boy toys cluttering up their elegantly large slice of luxury living, so it’s time to strike out on your own. You’re young, you’re fearless: how scary can East Van really be? And, let’s face it, if the parents are a little shocked at your postal code, it means they’re unlikely to show up at the door to check the contents of your top-of-the-range Thermidor fridge. Amirite? No more restrictions on your hobbies, either: you can park more than eight supercars in here—a different one for each day of the week, plus a change or two on the weekend. How spectacularly unnecessary, how thoroughly profligate… How totally unconcerned about barrelling through that trust fund you are. Come on, kid, cut the cord (don’t worry, you can order in just about anything these days) and run free, dripping your easy money every which way as you go. You deserve it all and more. Really, you do.

The hidden extras: Elevator, gym, wine cellar, street cred (well, among your still-at-home buddies, at least)