Big Fat Deal: $8.5 million for the ultimate frat house at UBC

Each week, BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 1792 Wesbrook Crescent, Vancouver
Price: $8,500,000
Listing ID: R2050823

The skinny: Six-bedroom, five-bathroom, 5,678-square-foot house on an 18,000-square-foot corner lot in the University District.
The bling: You’ve been accepted to study at UBC, and now you need somewhere to live. Well, look no further. Here’s the perfect student abode, just steps from the university—that means no dealing with parking or (heaven forbid) the 99-B line. But more than that, these are student digs that will really make you feel at home—heaps of space, a beautiful garden, room for the help—leaving you free to concentrate on what’s important here, your degree. And with seven entertainment rooms, you have the perfect base for an exclusive networking club to build up contacts for your future career in international finance a secret fraternity for the elite. I mean, look how well that served Oxford’s Bullingdon Club alumni in England; you’d be crazy to ignore the possibilities for building power and influence. Not only that, compared to some of the prope