Big Fat Deal: A $9 million Kelowna lakeshore estate perfect for the young at heart

Address: 15510 Whiskey Cove, Lake Country
Price: $9,295,000
Listing: MLS 10105786

The skinny: Ten-bedroom, 10-bathroom lakeshore estate on a 1.1-acre lot, with almost 9,000 sq. ft. of living space.

The bling: Here’s one for all the Lost Boys out there—the Peter Pans who, despite making the big time, refuse to admit they’ve grown up. Take a look: there’s the pool, the beach, the wharf big enough for your boats (plural) and jet skis, the six-car garage, the media room(s) and a full outdoor kitchen with a covered dining and lounging area complete with oversized fireplace. Oh, and the bar. Let’s not overlook this paean to everything a chap who covets a man-cave should desire: never mind the pool table, the four wide-screen TVs and the huge temperature controlled wine fridge. With the right server standing behind this back-lit bar, your buddies would probably pay for the privilege to come around and drink your beer. And yet, there’s more: four–count ’em–built-in slushy machines (frozen margaritas anyone?), and a tap for the keg of your choosing. Now, that’s what I call boss, bro.

The hidden extras: Not only can you dispatch the visiting in-laws to the guest wing when they start cramping your style, the kids have their own five-bedroom abode conveniently parked over the garage. In this Okanagan Neverland, the fun just never ends.