Big Fat Deal: Holiday giving edition

This week, BCBusiness helps you offload those large quantities of cash and show off your generosity with these gifts sourced for everyone on your shopping list

This week, BCBusiness helps you offload those large quantities of cash and show off your generosity with these gifts sourced for everyone on your shopping list

Yes, we know you and yours have everything and more, but we also know you love this time of year. It is the season for giving, after all, and any opportunity to display how truly filthy rich you are cannot be wasted. And it’s so easy to manage Christmas shopping when choosing thoughtful gifts isn’t the point. Why spend time on people, when you can show off your generosity with price tags? Luckily, offloading large quantities of cash in Vancouver has never been easier. Just follow those limos to downtown.


 For him

You could bring a touch of eco-chic to his ever-growing super car collection and shell out $200,000 for a Tesla, although you definitely risk the Christmas morning wrath of a man who thinks he’s being judged for his excessive energy consumption. Better to go with pure frivolity, and if there’s one thing no one needs any more, it’s a watch. What could be more decadent than a $45,000 timepiece? Yes, he already has the seriously more expensive platinum, gem-encrusted model, but we all want to dumb it down and slum it sometimes. It’s hard being fabulous all the time. So, here’s the perfect little trinket to grab at the Rolex store in the Shangri-la after your light lunch with the ladies.



For her

It really couldn’t be easier. Honestly, think of 2016, and what pops into your mind? It’s been a great year. And it’s just going to get better. Believe me. The world’s about to be thrown into complete chaos, and that can mean only one thing: an opportunity for smart, unscrupulous people everywhere to make it big. Yuge. You’re either in this, or you’re going to be left for dust. Show your allegiance to the great new world order and make sure all the women in your life wear this bangle with pride. Available at the Bay for a mere $13,900.


For the baby

It’s never too soon to get the kids thinking about how much money that have, so what better gift than a $2,700 silver piggy bank from Tiffany & Co.? What child wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one of those iconic blue boxes and find a symbol of true happiness inside? Even better, drop a mere $200 extra on a silver spoon. Oh, how you’ll all laugh.



For the fur baby

Just because the pooch has no idea what day it is, let alone who you are, doesn’t mean you can’t lavish something special upon him. Sleep is one of life’s true pleasures, and even your pocket pet deserves the best rest money can buy. You know deep down in his soul, Fido can be overwhelmed by the your enthusiasm for rococo furnishings, so here’s a little mid-century modern respite for him. Hand made in walnut, with a faux fur interior, The Pod from Barking Babies is a bargain at $998.



For everybody else

Nothing says you’re the boss and you really don’t care about your hired help than expensive gifts that are literally worthless. Where would you find such perfection, you ask? Why Nordstrom, naturally. Here you will find the genius that is the leather-wrapped stone. I kid you not. It’s a stone. Wrapped in leather. Yes, the leather is hand-stitched, and each stone is, um, unique. But it remains a stone, wrapped in leather. For $118. It doesn’t get better than that, right?