Big Fat Deal: $5.2 million to drink in the view at your own Okanagan lakefront winery

This waterfront Summerland property, which includes a wine-processing facility, could be yours for $5.2 million

BCBusiness takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 20818 Mcdougald Road, Summerland

Price: $5,200,000 

Listing: 180598

The skinny: Five bedrooms, four bathrooms, 3,600-square-foot house, 13-acre lakefront property

The bling: Do you like wine? A glass of wine with dinner? A bottle of wine with friends? Five acres of grapes in your yard? (Some assembly required.)

This Summerland property, 13 acres on the shores of Okanagan Lake, can be yours for $5.2 million. Buying a winery is fun. Its more respectable than buying a meth lab and much better for hosting weddings.

The property had been the site of the Hijas Bonitas winery, which is now closed. Perhaps the problem was that they were trying to sell the wine. No need for you to make that mistake—people who make lots of wine can make lots of friends. Depending on your annual wine consumption, you could probably make back the purchase price in savings.

There is a wine processing facility on-site. But nothing says you have to make wine. You can do plenty of things with grapes. Fruit salads, jam, preserves, more fruit salads—whatever. You could diversify a little, too. Think of the possibilities for a truly impressive tomato patch. Maybe you could grow zucchini and give it to your friends by the truckload every fall. The Okanagan may be one of Canadas top wine-producing regions, but with a determined effort, you could put Summerland on the global zucchini map. The property also features a wine shop and restaurant, but again, the wine theme could easily be swapped out for something else. You could sell cute aprons reading “In Zucchini Veritas.” There are also unexplored tourism possibilities with cabbage.

Or you could stick to the wine thing. People seem to like it. Just dont get high on your own supply, man. Dont end up being the Walter White of the Breaking Bad Winery.

Hidden features: Theres a helipad. Just remember, helicopters and wine do not mix.