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How Successful Companies Are Attracting Top Talent

Businesses across Canada are attracting people back to the office with fully-amenitized spaces and offices that support hybrid work


BCBusiness Capital Point Metrotown

The research is clear—most employees prefer a hybrid work solution, finding it highly conducive to productivity, creativity and work-life satisfaction. Under the Great Resignation or Great Rethink, workers are reassessing their desire for positive work-life balance and thinking about their workspaces in more personal ways. They have preferences. They have expectations.


As these ideas brush up against employees’ rethinking and companies strive to entice workers back to the office, the need has arisen for offices that offer an ecosystem of spaces equipped for myriad activities and that address employees’ desire for work-life balance. Top talent wants to connect with others and foster creativity in ideation tasks but also wants to concentrate deeply when required—this is why common areas, dedicated meeting space and solitary and outdoor spaces must come together in people-centric and fully amenitized workplaces to meet long-term workplace shifts.

magnum-2Capital Point at Metrotown features some of the best amenities in Metro Vancouver and will reset your expectation of what office space can be. The elevated amenities at The Capital Point Club create a distinguished business life with a discerning lifestyle balance—an inviting employee lounge, dining hall, private courtyard with outdoor sun loungers and a quiet space for personal reflection, and generous fitness room with space to stretch are only the beginning.

magnum-4The Business Hub features sophisticated business spaces by Dialog that welcome clients and employees to a new level of refinement. Five to seven bookable boardrooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art AV and server, and guests can enjoy corporate welcome lounges, a client lounge and breakout room, and a presentation auditorium with 80-person capacity. Travellers can also rejuvenate with extensive end of trip facilities that include a private washroom, showers, changeroom and locker facilities.

magnum-3Now is the best time to own. Stable low vacancy rates and special promotional pricing combine with Metrotown’s booming activity level to make Capital Point the only choice.

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