How to share office space: six tips

How to share office space | BCBusiness

1. Don’t be shy with the perfume or cologne—a heavy fragrance helps to mark your territory in shared spaces.

2. Skip the headphones and play music from your computer speakers. It’s all about creating ambience for you and your colleagues.

3. Avoid the busy communal kitchen by eating at your desk. The music will drown out the constant sounds of smacking, slurping and crunching.

4. In this P.C. world of ours, nobody will call you out on your food choices, so bring lunches of fragrant fish, nosh on hard-boiled eggs and dine on garlic-laden leftovers whenever it pleases you.

5. Take frequent personal calls so that your officemates know you’re cool, laid-back and not a stickler for rules.

6. Personal hygiene is crucial when you’re in close quarters, so feel free to clip your nails, apply deodorant, blow your nose and touch up makeup at your desk.