Roper Greyell’s new home creates a collaborative workplace

Roper Greyell OfficeRoper Greyell’s new office space fosters an innovative and open work environment, and a culture that it knows will breed success for the firm in the years to come

A law firm may not be the most obvious place to find a non-traditional office design, but Roper Greyell’s new office space was designed to create a collaborative experience for both clients and employees.

Roper Greyell is a leading British Columbia employment and labour law firm known for providing high quality legal representation and strategic advice in all areas of workplace law.

The firm is now located on the eighteenth floor of 745 Thurlow, and with its updated logo and website this new chapter for Roper Greyell is even more special. The new office space features include glass offices to promote natural light, customized workstations with ergonomics and leading-edge technologies in mind, a flexible training space for educational seminars workshops, and collaborative open workspaces for project work.

Other additions include a West Coast-inspired, open concept library and kitchen with family-style tables and views of the North Shore mountains.

Roper Greyell’s office design was led by two of the firm’s partners, Delayne Sartison Q.C. and Drew Demerse, chief operating officer Linda Lucas, and director of administration Shakti Jeyachandran along with interior designers Prime Interiors. 

“Our design shifts the conversations from inside offices to open collaborative workspaces, promoting teamwork and knowledge sharing between our partners and associates,” explained Delayne Sartison, a partner at Roper Greyell.

“We aren’t the first law firm to break the mold when it comes to designing an innovative work space but our space was purpose built space with teamwork in mind, shifting our culture towards an open and creative work environment,” said Sartison.