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Ulmus-Sustainable, enduring passion


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Credit: Ulmus

Success at Ulmus isn’t defined by the bottom line—it is measured by the positive impact the company creates with its developments.

Ulmus strives to create sustainable, forward-thinking properties in the Vancouver and Western Canadian market with deep consideration for what it creates, but more importantly, how those creations benefit all.

“Through design, innovation and our commitment to our environment, we build lasting change,” says CEO Don Redden. “At Ulmus, we understand that it is a collection of talent, desire and a forward-looking vision that drives us to create visually interesting places that will enhance communities for generations to come.”

Ulmus is preceded by Redden Construction, founded by Don’s father in 1962. Seeing his father construct the largest residential high-rise project west of Toronto at Park Royal, Redden took great pride in the family business and started his first job completing quality control inspections. And his passion grew from there.

Credit: Ulmus

“I wanted to build because of this belief and passion for quality and great design,” Redden says. “We chose the name Ulmus—the Latin word for elm tree—because represents my core belief in sustainability and timelessness. I’ve held on to that belief for four decades and it still drives me today.”

A prime example is ?ku, the company’s new boutique development in South Oak on Vancouver’s west side, named after the Zen philosophy of “layered special places.” The project is a 132-suite residential development with a zero emissions design with an emphasis on architectural excellence and livability.

“We want to be the first to create an iconic landmark in this evolving neighborhood of South Oak, similar to what the Cambie Corridor was eight to ten years ago,” Redden says. “We made a number of design decisions early on to enrich its character. We increased the wall thickness by 30% allowing us to surpass Energy Code requirements. This allows us use 25% more glass than comparable developments to let in more daylight.”

Ulmus is also developing a unique 110,000-square-foot commercial project in downtown Kelowna. “We are very excited about this building as it is a zero-carbon pilot project of the Canadian Green Building Council and will be designed to Living Building Challenge standards—the most stringent in the world,” Redden says. “The building will be energy net-positive, generating more energy than it uses.”

Credit: Ulmus

Looking forward, Ulmus is excited about plans to develop two forward-living condominium towers in Metrotown that will include market rental and affordable rental units to serve the community.

“The passion I have for this work is deeply personal,” Redden says. “Creating projects that enhance neighborhoods, the environment, and stand the test of time is incredibly fulfilling.”

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