Vancouver-based company launches coworking space for non-profits

Credit: Courtesy of iATS

The boardroom at iATS will become free to use for non-profit organizations. 

iATS Payments will provide offices and resources free of charge

It’s no secret that office space in Vancouver is about as coveted as a Stanley Cup or a rain-free November. Even as the tailing-off of residential property assessments in the city has made headlines, office vacancies have remained among the lowest in North America.

With that in mind, Vancouver-based iATS Payments announced the launch of The Greenhouse today. Located in the company’s downtown headquarters, it will house non-profit organizations in short-term, flexible office space free of charge.

For iATS Payments, which provides payment solutions to non-profits around the world, the goal is to relieve some of the concerns and overhead costs those businesses typically face.

“The Greenhouse concept is a rarity in Vancouver, let alone Canada, and we’re very excited that the day has come for us to open our doors to non-profit organizations in Vancouver and beyond,” said Andrew Mosawi, president of iATS, in a statement.

“Vancouver is home to some of the highest commercial lease costs in the country,” Mosawi added. “With The Greenhouse, we hope to not only help mitigate some of those fixed costs, but, as the name implies, offer a welcoming space to help non-profits grow.”

Though The Greenhouse is in Vancouver, it isn’t restricted to non-profits based in the city.

The space is best suited for “small-to-mid-sized non-profits looking for a multi-purpose space that can be used for a variety of events,” according to iATS.

The Greenhouse can offer a boardroom for up to 20 people, a small meeting room for up to four, a private office for one to two, Internet access, kitchen facilities and access to the iATS team.