Why Vancouver?

Excerpts from head curator Chris Anderson’s first formal address to the city’s business community last March on why he relocated the TED Conference to Vancouver and Whistler

“This is such an inspiring environment. Nature inspires.”

“But that’s just one part of it . The other is Vancouver’s factor X. We’ve been thinking a lot about cities over the past few years. So much of the world’s future depends on great cities.”

“We’re not an American organization. We’re global. Most of our audience is on the west coast of the United States, so to find a place that’s outside of the U.S. but still on the west coast, with all [Vancouver has]. Kind of an amazing combination.”

“This is truly one of the world’s great cities. Not just because of the beauty, but because it’s walkable and forward-thinking and bursting with innovation. And there’s this commitment to trying to really figure out sustainability.”

“There are so many ways in which the values of this city connect beautifully right into the bloodstream of people at TED.”

“Even though moving the conference [from Long Beach, California] is a big deal, the reaction from our community has been off the charts. There are record numbers of registrations and applications.”

“This is not a Canadian story. This is not a Vancouver story. It’s a global story. This is about the future of the world, and to be able to dream about that in this exquisite place, with the brilliant minds that are here, we are so thrilled.”


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