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BCBusiness + Foxy Box Wax Bar


BCBusiness + Foxy Box Wax Bar

Credit: Mike Pepperdine

Foxy Box Wax Bar founder Kyla Dufresne on how to make franchise partners successful

For business owners, franchising is a fast track to scale your company into a successful enterprise, providing a beneficial support system as you enter the marketplace, especially for someone who has a passion for managing processes.

When you invest in a franchise, you buy into an existing company culture, so it’s essential to understand the nuances. Ping-pong tables and rooftop meetings might capture the attention of some, but fundamentally it’s the company’s mission statement, practices, brand values, communication, behaviour and relationships that defines corporate culture.

Kyla Dufresne, founder and CEO of Foxy Box Wax Bar, which specializes in the art of the Brazilian, aims to empower and energize women through the mastery of hair removal. With two corporate locations and a franchise opening in Nanaimo in October, she knows first-hand what it takes to build a culture that’s set up for success.

Dufresne believes, firstly, in digging deep to discover why you do what you do and why your brand exists beyond the services the business provides. Secondly, determine your company mission and values—something she embraced during a brand retreat—and then systematize that culture into your processes. Lastly, stay current, fresh and innovative.

“I think systemizing your culture so you can grow and not lose your core purpose or values is extremely important,” says Dufresne, whose corporate stores posted revenues of $2 million last year. “A lot of businesses don’t take the time to put in that work.”

A franchisor not only builds the systems to teach a new team how to run the business, but ensures the franchisee is hiring the best people who are making their investment profitable day to day.

“I must make sure my franchise partners are the right candidates and have the same three attributes I require in my staff: positive attitude, empathy, and self-responsibility,” she explains. “We’ve incorporated those attributes into our hiring process. We test for those attributes in potential employees in their interview and trial shifts.”

Along with the company culture, the hiring and employee testing process is implemented into Foxy Box’s manuals and training videos as resource tools for franchisees. “I’ve systemized how we build our team and maintain our culture so it’s easily replicated,” she says.

Foxy Box launches a new laser hair removal machine in September. Enjoy free waxing and discounts on products at client appreciation day, September 28, at the Victoria and Courtenay locations. Visit

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with Foxy Box Wax Bar