Inventory: These coffee makers in B.C. are giving back to their communities

Find your favourite on this list of local coffee roasters

Beachcomber Coffee Co. in Gibsons

1. Beachcomber Coffee Co.

“It’s not just coffee, it’s a lifestyle,” says Martin DesRosiers, founder of Beachcomber Coffee Co. DesRosiers founded his Gibsons-rooted slice of paradise in 2015, providing craft coffee to locals and visitors to fuel the adventurers of the West Coast. Beachcomber gives back to the Sunshine Coast through fundraising efforts, donations and various charitable programs. The company’s coffee is certified organic and fair trade, with heavy notes of chocolatey nutty goodness.

Smoking Gun Coffee's Brandon Litun

2. Smoking Gun Coffee

Brandon Litun started roasting coffee in a popcorn popper in 2015 while plying his trade full-time as a social worker. (No word on whether there was any kind of butter aftertaste.) Coffee roasting was a form of therapy for Litun, which led him to open Smoking Gun Coffee in Chilliwack in 2021 (after some COVID pivots) to provide a place for community. As Litun puts it, “coffee creates connections.” Smoking Gun roasts anything from light and bright to dark and developed. 

House of Funk Brewing Co. in North Vancouver

3. House of Funk Brewing Co.

Why have beer or beans when you can have both? Founded by Darren Hollett and Kurtis Warren, House of Funk Brewing Co. opened its doors in 2019 in North Vancouver. “Our aim has always been to challenge the status quo—to change the way people think about beer and coffee,” say the owners. And that’s exactly what they did. HOF roasts light in small batches to “accentuate the nuanced terroir,” say Hollett and Warren, and provide flavours such as black tea mixed with a puff pastry. 

Bright Jenny Coffee Inc in Kelowna

4. Bright Jenny Coffee Inc.

Dave Upshaw named his business after his wife (everyone take note): Bright Jenny Coffee Inc. The biz launched out of a farmers market in 2015, and Upshaw roasted his beans at home until 2018, when the duo opened their brick-and-mortar location in Kelowna with a mission “to brew vibes as bright and beautiful as the coffee we roast.” The vibes are certainly good—Bright Jenny provides coffee for dark-roast lovers and those who like something a bit more “wild, fruity, bright and beautiful.” 

Milano Coffee Roasters_credit Allison Kuhl
Credit: Allison Kuhl

5. Milano Coffee Roasters

Initially founded in 1984, Milano Coffee Roasters has a long history in Vancouver. Now owned by Linda and Brian Turko (since 2003), the company has continued to bring “premium coffee concepts to new heights”—a skill that Brian learned from the original founder, Francesco Curatolo, whose 75 years of experience roasting around the world can be found in every cup. Milano has seven locations, all serving hand-roasted beans from up to 20 different origins. Brian is also a certified master espresso blender. 

Anarchy Coffee Roasters in Whistler
Credit: Renea Serwa

6. Anarchy Coffee Roasters

Bailey Mitchell and Jesse Nelson have shared a common love for coffee since their college days, hence their aptly named venture, Anarchy Coffee Roasters. What started as a business in Whistler quickly grew to a home base in Kelowna in 2020. The company focuses on creativity in every cup and is a whole lot of fun for Mitchell and Nelson. Their coffee “caters to all coffee drinkers” with a unique spin on the traditional dark roast. For every bag sold at one of their retailers, the pair donates $1 to outreach programs in Kelowna.

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