New Car Dealers Association of BC

What is one of B.C.’s key economic drivers, as well as a great career opportunity for people coming out of school?

With retail sales of $10.7-billion in 2013 and average weekly employee earnings of $1,004, the answer— according to an MNP report commissioned by the New Car Dealers Association of British Columbia (NCDABC)—is the car dealer industry.
The study, released last October, also illustrates the remarkable resiliency of the industry. Although new car sales by dealerships declined following the 2008-09 recession, sales have fully bounced back to pre-recession levels. Plus, association member spending generates $378-million in annual revenues to the federal, provincial and municipal governments, with spinoff benefits including the creation of visitor and tourism events.
A second MNP report released in February reveals that the total direct, indirect and induced economic impacts of association members are approximately $169.2-million, with employment of 991 full-time-equivalent jobs.
NCDABC president Blair Qualey hopes these reports will result in more positive attention being paid to his industry. “We’re a silent giant in B.C., and the reports’ finding support our long-standing contention that we aren’t the car business of your father’s generation. In terms of career opportunities, the car dealership sector merits serious consideration.”