On Trend: These vintage stores in Vancouver offer style on a budget

With what's old becoming new again, B.C. brands are tailoring their business for the best fit.

Pexels Kei Scampa

Credit: Kei Scampa/Pexels

With what’s old becoming new again, B.C. brands are tailoring their business for the best fit

■ On Fleek

You may not score $10 finds at ex-celebrity stylist Courtney Watkins’s designer consignment store Mine & Yours, but you’ll bag vintage statement pieces from the likes of Gucci, Chanel, Prada and more. Clean black-and-white interiors make up the 1,100-square-foot posh resale front in Downtown Vancouver, which has been offering luxury shoes and apparel since 2013. 

Retro Beat

Five-star Google reviews say Vancouver-based The Front Supply Co is a ’90s kid’s haven. The store buys, sells and trades vintage memorabilia, so whether you’re looking for old-school Spider-Man merch or a simple throwback, you’ll find it on these shelves. The raddest part? It’s got a Dank Mart vending machine at the front and a pink-and-red backlit recording studio in the back. 

Business of Giving

Are you on the hunt for a vintage Carrie Bradshaw look? Community Thrift & Vintage is bound to have it in at least one of its three locations in Downtown Vancouver. Founded in 2011, the outlet offers recycled high-end fashion at reasonable prices—for a good cause. Community Thrift & Vintage is a not-for-profit that supports those in need by donating proceeds to local social services organization PHS Community Services Society. Plaid skirts, linen staples, classic denim and Hermès swimsuits are just a few of the iconic styles here.