BC Sports Box Office: We asked Vancouver Canucks season ticket holders if they renewed this season

Here's what some of last year's season ticket holders had to say

Brad T., automotive industry

20-year holder, renewed

What made you want to renew this year?

Never considered not renewing.

What are your expectations for the team this year?

To push for a playoff spot. Our division is packed with dominant teams so I do think that’s a huge problem. Vegas, Colorado, Edmonton and the Kings are all pretty cemented as playoff teams, so who can we squeeze out? It will take a very successful season to make the playoffs.

What’s the best part about going to games? 

Three things that are better live than watching a game at home: the buzz in the building before overtime starts, seeing a live penalty shot and high-fiving strangers in your section.

What are your thoughts on the crowds at games?

Consistent. Canucks fans buy tickets. The sell-out streak went for years and, although those days are gone for now, I feel like they’re just around the corner.

What most excites you about the Canucks this upcoming year?

We have a genuine top-10 forward talent in [Elias] Pettersson and also on D with [Quinn] Hughes. [Thatcher] Demko is a premium goaltender as well. All three of those players are still on an upward trajectory. Not to mention that Fin might be a top-3 mascot, but I’m definitely a bit biased.

Mike G., video game industry

2-year holder, didn’t renew

What made you not want to renew this year?

Instability within the organization—we went through [coaches] Travis Green, Bruce Boudreau and Rick Tocchet in two years. The product felt like it was declining and did not seem stable, while prices seemed to be getting higher. I also had a baby—we would sell half of our tickets… there would be some games we couldn’t sell or give away because the product was so bad. Sometimes we’d sit there and answer work emails because we’d be so bored with the lack of effort from the team.

What are your expectations for the team this year?

Big D moves should help stabilize the back end. I expect them to at least challenge for a playoff spot.

What are your thoughts on the crowds at games?

They try, but it’s hard to get to the arena and be excited when the athletes clearly don’t want to be there. The in-game presentations are boring and cookie cutter—the fans don’t care about them so nobody buys into it. It feels like fake hype.

Would you potentially become a season ticket holder again? What would have to happen?

Yes, but maybe just for a half- or a quarter-season. The team would need better food options at the arena and better seats. (I know this is coming, but my god they are uncomfortable.) Act like a professional sports team—punch above your weight class. Stop acting like a B-level franchise.

Phil P., tech industry

5-year holder, renewed

What made you want to renew this year?

I enjoy going to games and have been a lifelong Canucks fan. From a financial aspect, while the prices have gone up a bit, they’re acceptable for the time being. There also remains enough demand for the games I can’t make that I can find takers for them, so they don’t go to waste.

What are your expectations for the team this year?

I’m optimistic that we’ll make the playoffs. But as long as they play well and are competitive, I’ll be happy. No drama like the previous two seasons.

What’s the best part about going to games?

I enjoy watching the game and when the crowd gets into it it’s a great atmosphere and time.

What are your thoughts on the crowds at games?

Depends on how the Canucks are doing. The first half of the last two seasons were really hard and the crowds could get out of it early. Also, the in-stadium entertainment is a little stale by the midpoint of the season as they re-use a lot of the same things. When things are going well and the crowd gets into the game, it’s a great atmosphere.

What are you hoping to see from the Canucks this year?

Hopefully more success; maybe a new goal song?

Bryan T., video game industry

2-year holder, on the fence

Why are you on the fence about renewing?

The prices I’m paying as a season ticket holder are too much considering how poorly this team is being operated/managed. The performance on ice causes us season ticket holders a loss in return, as we can’t even sell tickets at cost sometimes.

What’s the best part about going to games?

The passionate fans who still care about the team and cheer them on regardless of how they’re doing. While the energy in the building is low (in my opinion), you can still see who still cares about this team.

What could the team do better, other than on-ice performance?

Figure out this president of hockey ops and GM power dynamic. In my opinion, Patrik Allvin is a glorified assistant with the “GM” title. Bruce Boudreau’s dismissal and the departure of Rachel Doerrie were just confusing from a fan standpoint, and I’d like to see management handle these situations better.

What are your expectations for the team on the ice this year?

Make the playoffs! We need to see them back in the playoffs to revive this fanbase.

What are your thoughts on the crowds at games?

I was in the crowd on December 4, 2021, when we called for the firing of [former GM] Jim Benning. I’ve never heard a crowd so loud in years, and that’s so disappointing to say when the loudest cheer is for the firing of the team’s GM.

Did the offseason changes do anything to influence your decision?

I know they fixed some holes in the defence core, but they still need a solid third-line centre and possibly a reliable second-line centre if they choose to move [J.T.] Miller to the wing. The lack of moves in the offseason is making me lean towards not renewing my season tickets.