Canucks introduce supply-and-demand ticket pricing

Plus, Vancouver home prices go up, the minimum wage, less so

Canucks tickets for the 2015-16 seasons will, for the first time ever, feature “dynamic pricing.” In other words, the cost of a single-game ticket will fluctuate according to a real-time algorithm that factors in supply and demand, who’s playing and more. That’s good news if you want to watch the Canucks play, say, New Jersey, whereas Habs fans will likely be shelling out more for regular season games. “Dynamic pricing is a modern system used by the vast majority of professional sports leagues and teams in North America” the Canucks website reads. “Single game pricing will be updated and posted in real-time through”

Another month, another real estate report
The Canadian Real Estate Association has released its figures for August and, well, you already know how this story goes. Vancouver home prices are a broken compass whose needle knows only north. While Victoria, interestingly, still hasn’t caught up to prices from five years ago. Here are the figures, in chart form:

Raising the lowest bar
As of Tuesday, B.C. has a new minimum wage: $10.45 per hour, up from $10.25. For liquor servers, where tips are assumed, the minimum is now $9.20, up from $9.00. B.C. hadn’t seen its minimum wage increase since 2012.

City hall shuffle
Vancouver city hall has dumped city manager Penny Ballem and is on the hunt for her replacement. Read our story here.