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Stephen Ames | BCBusiness
Canadian Golf Hall of Fame inductee Stephen Ames.

From hot technology to freshly minted stars, what’s new in the world of golf

Hall of Fame
The latest inductee into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame is Calgarian Stephen Ames. The 74th hall-of-famer has 11 professional wins (four of them PGA Tours) and has earned over US$19.5 million throughout his prestigious career. But at 50 years old, he’s not done yet: Ames will be participating in both PGA and Champion tours this year. His induction ceremony is set for August in his hometown of Calgary.

Play Like the Amateurs 
Golf Canada has approved Distance Measuring Devices (DMD) for national amateur championships. DMD’s are still banned at Golf Canada’s professional level, but the approval, which went into effect this year, marks an exciting technological shift in the sport. Dale Jackson, chair of Golf Canada’s Rules & Amateur Status Committee, says it’s the right decision and “designed to enhance the golfer experience.” We can now take solace in the knowledge that just one league down expert golfers are turning to the same tech help as the rest of us (

Wasn’t I Winning?
You’re in the zone, focused on the green, and feeling perfect hit after perfect hit. You sink the ball and celebrate a birdie—but your golf companion ruins the moment (and possibly a friendship) by making false claims that your shot was merely on par. Introducing ScoreBand, a one-touch scorekeeping wristband designed for any sport. Keep the hole and round score, as well as friendships, on track. This innovative wristband doubles as a timepiece and has a slim, lightweight and durable design built for active wear ($24.99;

Big Bertha Alpha
The name needs no introduction. But even with its stellar reputation, Callaway’s new Big Bertha Alpha driver is exceeding expectations. The driver’s adjustability is unprecedented; four performance characteristics can be changed to affect distance: loft, lie, centre of gravity (draw) bias and centre of gravity height. The driver’s innovative Gravity Core, which affects centre of gravity height, can change the amount of backspin without changing launch angle, leading to longer drives (

GoPro Golf

GoPro’s slogan, “Be a Hero,” may not figure greatly in golf, but the camera’s compatibility with the game is relevant nonetheless. Golfers and daredevils like it for the same reason: versatility. While many golfers struggle to balance mobile phones atop their golf bags to capture a moment or record a swing, GoPro cameras can be securely anchored to anything from your head to your club. And the GoPro’s durability is unmatched among consumer cameras at this price point (from $199;