BroadbandTV launches new interactive division

Vancouver-based digital entertainment company BroadbandTV has launched new interactive division

Credit: Courtesy of BroadbandTV

BroadbandTV founder and CEO Shahrzad Rafati

Almost one in three visitors to YouTube and other Google sites now watch its video content, the company notes

Vancouver’s BroadbandTV Corp. has broadened its impressive global reach. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 10, the digital entertainment company announced BBTV Interactive, a new division that creates games and mobile apps for a variety of platforms. This move comes after BroadbandTV launched several of its own apps.

Founded in 2005 by CEO Shahrzad Rafati, the company earns its revenue from sources including video on demand, e-commerce and licensing. Last year BroadbandTV’s total annual video viewership surged 66 percent over 2016, reaching 341.4 billion, according to U.S. marketing data and analytics provider comScore.

With more than 34 billion monthly views, 285 million of them from unique viewers, the company is the No. 3 video property worldwide, after Google and Facebook.