Doors Open to Technology welcomes students to a digital future

Credit: DOT Website

The initiative powered by industry leaders and government officials aims to promote careers in the ever-growing sector

High-school students were welcomed into a number of tech office spaces in the province’s capital on Tuesday. As part of Doors Open to Technology, an initiative created by Vancouver-based brand experience firm Inventa and driven by industry leaders to expose youth to careers in one of the province’s fastest growing sectors, students were toured the Victoria offices of Limbic Media, Robazzo, VIATEC and Bambora. In addition, they listened in on presentations and discussions by speakers such as the province’s jobs, trade and technology minister.

“B.C.’s tech sector holds incredible promise for young people looking to start a career, offering well-paid and engaging work,” said Bruce Ralston, B.C.’s Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology, in a release.

The event aims to shed light on the magnitude of the tech sector in B.C. VIATEC, the Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council, estimates that 16,775 people are employed by the technology industry in the Greater Victoria region alone, an economic impact of $5.22 billion.

Corporations were quick to encourage the future in tech for the students. Microsoft and BC Hydro representatives spoke of the need for digital aptitude in future careers as industries consistently undergo digital transformation.

The day closed with students taking part in a design challenge created to provoke their entrepreneurial spirits and gain experience in pitching their ideas to decision-makers.

With a forecast of 83,400 job openings by 2027, Doors Open to Technology hopes that students will continue to learn and be inspired to take up a career in the tech sector.

A Vancouver version of the Doors Open to Technology event will take place April 24-25.