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FLO a Canadian company at the forefront of the EV revolution

BCBusiness + FLO There's an undeniable trend in the automobile industry: more and more people are making the switch to plug-in electric vehicles


BCBusiness + FLO

New service provides turnkey charging solution delivered as monthly package

There’s an undeniable trend in the automobile industry: more and more people are making the switch to plug-in electric vehicles, and the numbers demonstrate that this momentum is here to stay.

 However, one of the main impediments to the proliferation of electric vehicles in Canada is ‘range anxiety,’ which EV drivers experience whenever they can’t find enough charging stations to keep their vehicles topped up when they are on the go.

 FLO, the Canadian leader in electric vehicle charging solutions and the operator of the largest charging network in the country, is leading the way by developing innovative technologies and working to make EV charging more accessible and convenient every day.

 FLO has earned a reputation for providing the most reliable charging network coast to coast thanks to a team dedicated to ensuring that the needs of both EV drivers and charging station owners are met. They believe that making widespread EV adoption a reality hinges on ensuring that the charging experience is consistently exceptional and simple.

 FLO currently operates more than 4,000 stations throughout the country, building this ever-growing network of charging stations by working with various businesses and partners who wish to provide value-added amenities to their employees or tenants, or to differentiate themselves from the competition to attract new customers.

 “Over the years, FLO has solidified its place as an industry leader by providing smart, sturdy and reliable charging stations to a wide variety of customers, whether they are electric utilities, employers, retailers or property managers,” says Simon Toung, regional general manager in Western Canada for FLO.

 He adds that FLO’s charging stations for the home and business are designed and manufactured entirely in Canada, as well as tested in the harshest weather conditions and certified to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 50 °C.

 The purchase and installation of a single charging station in a commercial or multi-residential facility can cost several thousand dollars, which can make some business owners or property managers reluctant to follow through with the investment.

 That’s why FLO recently unveiled a solution that promises to radically advance charging access throughout the country: turnkey charging services delivered as a monthly package for commercial and residential buildings, enabling property owners and managers to offer customers, employees, or residents access to EV charging stations in exchange for a simple monthly payment.

Under this model, FLO takes care of installation, service management, maintenance, station upgrades, and user support—and the property owners and managers maintain control over access rules and fees for their stations while earning a share of revenue generated by the service.

Toung believes the service comes just at the right time in the evolution of EV usage. 

“There are now over 40,000 electric vehicles on Canadian roads and sales are growing at a double-digit rate,” he says. “But as EV technology continues to improve, infrastructure needs to keep up at the same pace, as access to charging stations in convenient locations is a key component to support EV adoption.”

 FLO’s new charging plan business model also provides a much-needed solution to facilitate charging station integration into condominiums. In this context, FLO installs and manages the complete charging solution and each co-owner subscribes for a monthly fee, much the same way they can subscribe to cable or Internet services. Each driver can access a dedicated charging station in their personal parking space, with no impact on other residents who do not require the service.

“This initiative is one more way FLO is meeting the growing needs of Canada’s electrical vehicle drivers—whether at home, at work, or on the go —with a solution that reflects building managers’ realities and challenges.”

 Toung concludes: “The adoption rate of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing as consumers are presented with a greater range of options—and so will their need for charging. Businesses and property owners now have an opportunity to benefit from this new mode of sustainable transportation, and FLO‘s new Charging Plan model provides them with a cost-wise and flexible option to do so.”

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with FLO