Go Figure: As telecom carriers implement new anti-spoofing technology, we look at who’s calling whom in B.C.

STIR/SHAKEN is meant to keep callers from hiding their identity with a fake number.

Credit: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Believe it or not, complaints about phone scams are down

STIR/SHAKEN is meant to keep callers from hiding their identity with a fake number

14,085,042 – Phone numbers on Canada’s National Do Not Call List as of April 2021

38,367 – B.C. phone numbers added in the 2019-20 year

The CRTC got 15,352 complaints about phone scams and 13,370 complaints about telemarketers in 2020

B.C. scam and telemarketing complaints were down 61.7% and 57.4%, respectively, from the previous year

There were 947 telemarketing call centres in Canada in 2019 (Not including order fulfilment or fundraising)

103 were in B.C.

Average annual revenue, nationally: $8,094,000

$15,000 – Maximum fine, per incident, for companies that violate Canada’s Unsolicited Telemarketing Rules

16/80 CRTC enforcement actions taken in 2020 were against B.C. businesses

Total fines levied against B.C. companies for Do Not Call List violations in 2020: $72,000 

In a 2019 global survey, Canada ranked 11th for spam calls

Canadian spam calls by type:

48% scammer

21% telemarketer

19% debt collector

7% financial services company

5% operator

At 66% vs. the national average of 53%, British Columbians were the most likely in Canada to say they’d been targeted by an attempted phone scam in the past year 

41% were the target of a CRA-type scam

BCers were also the least likely to give out personal information to a caller who claims to be from the CRA or their financial institution, with 83% saying no

At 41%, British Columbians are the least likely in Canada to know the terms “vishing” (making fraudulent phone/VoIP calls) or “smishing” (sending malicious fake links via text)

79 – Individual scam types recorded by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website

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