On Trend: These AR/VR businesses from B.C. are using new tech to crack the code

Is this the real life or augmented reality?

■ LlamaZoo

LlamaZoo has developed a Spatial Business Intelligence platform out of Victoria. The technology allows companies to visualize, evaluate and experience their data—for example, planning the layout of a particular job site or educating stakeholders about forest conservation. Think of it like a super-smart, 3D digital map.

■ Cognitive3D

Vancouver’s Cognitive3D collects data with a focus on user participation (so yes, eye-tracking is part of the game). Its tools can help determine things like which grocery store shelf most people gravitate toward, or what part of your orientation new employees are getting stuck on.

■ Race Rocks

Indigenous-owned Race Rocks specializes in immersive training for defence—in other words, it develops realistic (and danger-free) simulations of military vehicles for education purposes. The Victoria-based company’s portfolio includes navigation training, flight simulations and more.