‘Ready to Rocket’ list reveals local tech startups poised for serious growth

Tech takes off, high school business and getting to know Asia

Talent spotting
You read it here first. BCBusiness readers will be familiar with at least some of the companies on Rocket Builders’ 2015 “Ready to Rocket” lists, released Thursday. The lists spotlight B.C. technology companies with revenue growth likely to soar in the following year. These ones previously appeared in BCBusiness (click a name to read the relevant story): Allocadia, Aquatic Informatics, Axine Water, Ayogo, Bitlit, Clio (Themis), Enterra Feed, ePACT, General Fusion, Recon Instruments, SemiosBIO, Snugvest, Solegear, and Victory Square Games.

Never too young to learn about business
Next fall, high school students will be able to kick-start a future in business or science at Rick Hansen Secondary in Abbotsford. The first B.C. high school to emphasize business, science and medicine will also teach other subjects but in an interdisciplinary format that is “more reflective of life in the work world” and centred around problem-based learning, according to the school’s website. Students from outside the catchment area can attend, but local residents get first dibs.

Or about Asia
In Canada’s Asia Challenge: Building Skills and Knowledge for the Next Generation Conference Summary Report, published Wednesday, the Asia Pacific Foundation suggests ways to develop students’ “Asia competence” for a variety of Canadian contexts and workplaces. These include internships and study in Asia, learning from Asian students on Canadian campuses and educating employers, educators and students about how Canadians use their Asia-related skills and knowledge for a range of occupations and purposes.