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Robots, 3D Printers and more: What the future is bringing us, today

These five B.C. companies are innovating and improving tech as we know it today


BCBusiness + Genesis Robotics

A few decades ago, the thought of interacting computers or self-driving cars seemed almost laughable. Fast-forward to today, and technology is changing the way we live, work and play. In British Columbia, businesses are working on cutting-edge technologies poised to become worldwide game-changers.

Here’s a look at five local companies whose technological achievements have the potential to transform our lives.


1) Genesis Robotics

Today’s robots are often bulky, expensive and limited in what they can accomplish. Because they have a host of moving parts, they’re either fast or strong—not both. Genesis Robotics has created its patented LiveDrive robotic actuator, which will give the next generation of robots both attributes, while making them safer and more cost-effective. Eliminating the need for several moving parts and gears, the actuator will deliver more strength and endurance—and, more important, the ability to stop quickly, something robots can’t currently do.

Genesis made three foundational discoveries that led to the innovative LiveDrive. First, the company configured the magnets inside the technology to allow for more power, which led to the second discovery, a new structural design that could withstand extreme magnetic forces. The third breakthrough manages the heat generated from this new type of high-power robotic actuator. This creative company believes LiveDrive will revolutionize the robotics industry by allowing robots to work safely with humans in manufacturing, home, health and military applications.


Credit: Genesis Robotics

2) Aspect Biosystems Ltd.

Aspect is a biotechnology company that specializes in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering for medical applications. The implications for the future are exciting, including the potential to advance the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. Aspect is close to unveiling tissues it has produced, which react similarly to those found in the human respiratory system. This means that the 3D-printed tissue can safely test medicines and therapies with superior accuracy.


3) PCS Technologies

This company has found a way to harness waste and transform it into energy through its patented process of converting cellulosic organic waste into stable solid biofuels. PCS, which stands for polymeric carbon solids, is a new form of solid biofuel with adjustable properties, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. In a world where conventional forms of energy contribute to global concerns, PCS Technologies‘ vision is to become the world’s leading licensor of green waste to energy, by converting common organic industrial and agricultural waste problems into profitable green power solutions.


4) Ronin8 Technologies Ltd.

The waste from electronic circuit boards, such as those in cellphones and computers, dumps toxic metals in our waterways. Ronin8 has created a process that breaks circuit boards back down into their raw materials. This process is said to be energy- and cost-efficient as well as environmentally sound. It works like this: eliminating the need for incineration, Ronin8 has designed a sonic generator that frees and separates precious metals and non-metals from the boards.


5) ViewsIQ

Medical-imaging specialist ViewIQ has developed a way to scan and store digital slides so colleagues can share them in real time. The company’s patented Panoptiq system is a software-based approach to digital imaging that doctors can smoothly integrate into their workflow. A medical game changer, Panoptiq slashes the cost of sharing digital imaging by letting physicians easily access them on multiple devices.


Created by BCBusiness in partnership with Genesis Robotics