Vancouver-based Klue announces acquisition of U.S. market research firm

The competitive intelligence platform is staying ahead of the game.


Credit: Klue

The competitive intelligence platform is staying ahead of the game  

It seems like every week there’s news about a different, once-heralded Vancouver tech firm laying off some of its staff. Eventually, the shine comes off most things, that’s to be expected, it’s just a part of life.

At least so far though, the shine has been about as bright as it gets for Vancouver competitive intelligence firm Klue. Since being founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Jason Smith and Sarathy Naicker, the firm has gone on to raise tens of millions of dollars, win prestigious awards and has been heralded as a “soonicorn” (a company poised to become a “unicorn” with a valuation of more than $1 billion).  

Today’s news seems to further move the needle for the company, as it announced the acquisition of U.S. marketing firm DoubleCheck Research. The Massachusetts-based company uses buyer insights to acquire win-loss data for clients.

“From day one, Klue’s mission has been to help our customers win more with actionable competitive and market insights,” said CEO Smith in a release. “Now, our acquisition of DoubleCheck further expands these valuable insights in our all-in-one platform. No other provider in the market offers win-loss as part of their solution.” 

With customers like Adobe, Salesforce and Shopify, Klue might be shining for some time to come.