Vancouver’s fusion power startup has a new strategy: crowdsourcing

Plus, giant diamonds unearthed in Botswana and B.C.’s digital media sector gets frustrated

Crowdsourcing high-tech challenges
General Fusion, the Vancouver startup that’s struggling to harness fusion power, has partnered with InnoCentive, a global leader in the high-tech crowdsourcing game, to hopefully find innovative solutions to engineering and scientific challenges. With a registry of over 350,000 applicants from nearly 200 countries, InnoCentive will begin with a problem worth $20,000 for whoever solves it. “Just as technical powerhouses like NASA, GE, Pfizer and many others have used crowdsourcing as a viable process to add creativity to technical challenges, General Fusion will do the same,” General Fusion CEO Nathan Gilliland said in a release.

Put a ring on it
A giant gem has been unearthed in Botswana by Vancouver-based Lucara Diamond. Previous diamonds as large as 203 carats have been sold by Lucara for up to $8.2 million. If anyone is looking for a present for that special someone, the 341.9-carat diamond will be sold along with two other 100-plus-carat diamonds at a future date to be determined.  

Not about Ryan Reynolds. Well, sort of… 
Changes made to the temporary foreign worker program in B.C. last June are starting to be felt by our growing digital entertainment sector. As Vancouver continues to be the go-to destination for the making of big blockbuster movies, TV shows and video games, the need for both local and international talent is now being matched with industry frustration. Without a process in place that allows for the fast-tracking of foreign talent, the ability for B.C. to compete on a global level is becoming much more difficult, critics say.