Vancouver’s GlüxKind the only startup west of Toronto to make NEXT AI Montreal cohort

The smart stroller company is augmenting mobility for parents.


Credit: GluxKind

The smart stroller company is augmenting mobility for parents

Babies and technology can be a tricky mix. Studies have shown that you don’t want your 6-month-old staring at a TV screen for an entire day. But advances in technology have made parenting easier (in some ways, at least) than it has been in past eras. 

Enter GlüxKind, which adds technology to that most neanderthalic of items—the stroller. 

The common stroller has certainly been improved upon since the Dark Ages—add a drink holder here and an undercarriage there—but, at least functionally, most of them still have more in common with a wheelbarrow than anything else. 

In that sense, Vancouver-based GlüxKind has been re-inventing the wheel in its own way since it launched its smart strollers last year. The company’s flagship product—a stroller called Ella—is AI-powered, allowing you to carry your baby if necessary while the stroller continues beside you. 

GlüxKind was selected to take part in NEXT AI Montreal, an annual accelerator program that started in March for ventures who integrate AI into their innovative technology.

The six-month program gives GlüxKind access to world leading experts in AI, a large professional investor network and seasoned advisors among other benefits including funding.

“Since joining the NEXT AI Montreal program, the team and world leading AI experts have had tremendous effect on advancing both our AI technology as well as expediting our path to bring the safest and most supportive stroller into parents’ lives,” says co-founder and COO Anne Hunger, a recent finalist for our Women of the Year Award.

“We are very excited to represent the West Coast in NEXT AI and contribute to innovations born in Canada.”