Why Telus is still tops

Telus headquarters in Vancouver

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Telus on top. Alberta’s flagging economy and the Fort McMurray wildfires hurt Vancouver-based Telus Corp. more than Canada’s other big three telecoms, but it’s still the top industry pick for some financial analysts. They see the troubles in the West as just a temporary blip. (Financial Post)

Is a quickie online loan the way to consolidate debt? Or are you better off with a line of credit? Kerry Taylor visits Vancouver-based fintech company Mogo to weigh the pros and cons. (Globe and Mail)

What’s wrong with the PST? A new study finds it’s neither fair nor efficient. By covering goods more than services, the tax doesn’t provide sufficient revenue—plus it doesn’t support investment. (Business Council of British Columbia)

Speaking of taxes, what’s the best way to redistribute income? Economists have two contradictory approaches to analyzing policy: shoot for efficiency and worry about redistribution later, as with carbon taxes. Or look at the distributional consequences of every policy in isolation, as think-tanks tend to do. (Economist)

Why there’s no such thing as “built to last.” Built-in obsolescence is built into the consumer economy. Vancouver writer J.B. MacKinnon explains how it happened. (New Yorker)