Block Party: Take a walk down Vancouver’s West 6th Avenue

See the diverse businesses that make up the block between Manitoba and Ontario Streets.

Credit: Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions

See the diverse businesses that make up the block between Manitoba and Ontario Streets

1. Ag Dominion Blue

The Vancouver location and head office of AG Dominion Blue takes up a large chunk of the block, and serves as a reminder of what most of Mount Pleasant used to look like. Many of the neighbourhood’s old facades still remain, and this building, with its slightly faded brick exterior, is certainly part of that. Dominion Blue, a printing company, celebrated its 100th anniversary last year by being acquired by York, Ontario-headquartered Astley Gilbert.

2. Lonsdale Leather

On the other side of the block is a study in contrast: the sleek and new Lonsdale Leather warehouse. The confusion of being called Lonsdale Leather in Mount Pleasant has been a part of the company since it moved to the ‘hood in 2002. In 2015, BCBusiness 30 Under 30 winner Riley Howlett took over the business and moved it to its current location.

3. Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions

One of the latest trendy hip spots in Mount Pleasant comes with shockingly decent prices for food and drink. It also strives to embody the retro vibe millennials crave with its old school lunch boxes emblazoned with ‘90s throwbacks like E.T.

4. Beazu Wholesale

Didn’t know there was such a thing as Big Bead in Vancouver? Now you know. Beazu is home to an absurd collection of beads, tools and jewelry supplies that you’re welcome to browse. Need to entertain your kid for the day? This is probably a more active option than binging old episodes of Dora the Explorer.

5. IFD Technologies

If an innovative company is headquartered in an otherwise unremarkable office building, does it really exist? In the case of IFD Technologies—which pioneered technology in electrical transformers that tell users when they need to be replaced—the answer is yes! Some 750 utility providers in North America work with IFD, including BC Hydro.

6. Sacred Heart Tattoo

The history of Sacred Heart runs deep; the studio was originally formed in 1993. The Mount Pleasant location is a new one, but the team of 11 keeps the clientele rolling in.

7. Native Shoes

Those kicks in the window are unfortunately just for display at the head office of Native Shoes, which makes lightweight sneakers with an ultra-light eco footprint. The company was established in 2009 and its products can be found in some 45 countries.