Carry On: Wellness retreats to elevate your (and your team’s) health on-the-go

Get in peak wellness with these travel-friendly tips

Forget about flying to Rancho La Puerta or Canyon Ranch: your next wellness retreat just got closer. The new Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa has the vibe of a staffed private rental (housekeeper, chef, concierge) with the trappings of a luxe hotel. With 10 guest bedrooms, it’s the ideal size for a leadership group. A buyout ensures the gym, yoga studio and massage facilities plus steam room, hot tub, cold plunge and heated pool are for your group only. A champagne-sabering welcome is just one of the executive-level perks.

Pear Compression socks
Pear Compression socks

Sock It to You

The unsung hero of travel wellness has to be compression socks. Though they help keep legs and feet feeling spritely on travel days (and during pregnancy, or for anyone who’s on their feet), traditionally they’ve been ugly and medical-looking. Now, women can rock Italian-made Pear Compression hosiery—from sporty crew socks to patterned knee-highs. Vancouver entrepreneur Ryan Brinkhurst has joined forces with the Halifax-based brother-sister founders.

Beis founder Shay Mitchell
Beis founder Shay Mitchell

Star Style

Canadian actor Shay Mitchell—best known for Pretty Little Liars—recently launched her travel-accessory brand Béis at Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim. If you missed the pop-up shop resembling an airplane interior, find the stylish suitcases, totes and bags in neutral and candy-bright colourways at Indigo stores and online.

Jet Setter

Kieran Murphy Halo Antioxidant Complex
Halo Antioxidant Complex’s Kieran Murphy

Frequent travellers worry about missing flight connections or booking the right business hotel, but they should worry about the low-dose radiation our bodies absorb every time we fly. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration notes radiation as an occupational hazard for flight crews—and many frequent flyers and business travellers may clock similar time in the air.

To combat the risk, neuroradiologist Kieran Murphy created Halo Antioxidant Complex, a Health Canada and FDA-approved supplement that helps protect cells against free-radical damage.

“At higher altitudes, such as during air travel, the Earth’s atmosphere provides less protection against cosmic radiation,” Murphy explains. Taking Halo has been shown to decrease DNA breaks by 78 percent.

Taking Halo prior to a flight is, naturally, the top travel tip from the Toronto-based physician and researcher. He also follows the travel wisdom of staying well rested, along with avoiding alcohol and keeping hydrated in flight.

Once he lands, a favourite beverage comes into play. “We went as a family to the Galapagos Islands last Christmas via Quito in Ecuador. It was amazing and the people were fantastic. So was the coffee.”