Essentials for a summer cabin escape

Don’t neglect to pack these essential goods to keep the crew comfortable, well fed and entertained

The summer cabin:

some of us have one, and the rest of us want one. It’s an escape from the city, the traffic and a draining schedule, where you won’t find rules, deadlines or an alarm clock to (literally) kill your dreams. The only thing expected of you is to relax and have fun. Whether you’ve planned a romantic weekend for two, or seven days of family fun, there are no limits to what B.C. has to offer, from the Rocky Mountains to the Sunshine Coast. For those who believe heading to the wilderness means foraging for berries and fashioning headgear from leaves and moss, we’ve got a cosier alternative: essential goods and gear for the summer cabin getaway. These modern conven-iences will keep you comfortable, entertained and sane. But check your cellphones at the door—they did not make our must-have list.

Inside the cabin 1. Zoku slush and shake maker ($25.95; 2. Jacob Bromwell stovetop popcorn maker ($99; 3. Pantry supplies: Noble maple syrup, Nonna Pia balsamic reduction, Thomas Haas hot chocolate, Amola variety pack salt ( 4. Native Miller shoes ($60; walrus 5. Espro coffee press and Cathy Terepocki mug ($199.95 and $42; 6. Earnest Ice Cream ($10; edible 7. Twister and Scrabble ($19.95 each; 8. Pillows ($56, small; $75, large), Forest & Wave blanket ($140), The Handy oxford green fold-up mattress ($195; all from 9. Mint Bose Sound headphones and Beats pill Wi-Fi speaker ($179 and $219; 10. iPod Touch and iPad Air (from $229, from $519;