FlyOver ride takes wing to Iceland

The Icelandic version of Vancouver's popular FlyOver Canada opens in 2019

Credit: Courtesy FlyOver Canada by Pursuit

The Icelandic version of Vancouver’s popular FlyOver Canada opens in 2019

Flown over Canada? Soon you’ll be able to see and feel Iceland from a great height, too. Next year the island nation’s capital, Reykjavík, will become home to FlyOver Iceland, modeled after Vancouver’s busy FlyOver Canada virtual flight attraction.

Since Vancouverites Stephen Geddes and Andrew Strang launched FlyOver Canada in 2013, the ride has drawn more than two million visitors. Last year Arizona-based Viad Corp. acquired the business. Pursuit, the division of Viad that operates FlyOver Canada, will run FlyOver Iceland through an entity based in that country.

For a preview of FlyOver Iceland, click here.