Vancouver is the second most “youthful” city in Canada

A new national index ranking 13 Canadian cities shows that Vancouver is the country’s second second most “youthful” city, surpassed only by Toronto. Vancouver earned a C (score: 61%) in the index, which considers 121 urban indicators, while the remaining 10 centres besides Toronto and Montreal received failing grades.

Vancouver also finished first in health, environment and public space and second or third in digital access, transit, civic engagement, safety, diversity, employment, financial services, education and entrepreneurship. However, it placed last in affordability and failed to make the top three in music, film, creative arts, fashion, sports, food and nightlife, and travel.

The YouthfulCities Canadian Index measures each city’s ability to compete for the 15-to-29 age group. Here’s how many points each of the 13 cities earned, out of a maximum of 1,643.

  1.    Toronto (1033.63)
  2.    Vancouver (1006.00)
  3.    Montreal (974.73)
  4.    Ottawa (760.91)
  5.    Edmonton (757.39)
  6.    Calgary (721.25)
  7.    Quebec City (717.89)
  8.    Winnipeg (715.01)
  9.    Moncton (684.28)
  10.  Saskatoon (660.19)
  11.  Halifax (654.01)
  12.  Hamilton (604.51)
  13.  St. John’s (581.42)