Alternate Routes: British Columbians have a few choices when it comes to ride-hailing

Credit: iStock

Even though ride-hailing has been a thing for several months in (at least some parts of) our fair province, you might be surprised to know that Lyft and Uber aren’t the only companies offering transport to anyone with a charged cellphone. In fact, there are some B.C.-based businesses trying to take you where you want to go.

? Speedy Arrival

The first ride-hailing operation to get the green light from the provincial Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) wasn’t one of the two U.S. giants. No, Tofino’s Green Coast Ventures first soft-launched Whistle in its home base and has since expanded into Ucluelet, Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton.

? Pool Party

Vancouver-headquartered Poparide is a carpooling app that started in earnest in 2010 as an option for those seeking rides up and down the Sea to Sky Highway. It’s now available across Canada, allowing users to hop in a (hopefully friendly) carpool for cheap.

? Ticket to Ride?

A few other companies have made moves toward B.C. roads. Richmond’s Kabu Ride became the first service to operate in Kamloops on Canada Day, while Victoria’s Lucky to Go arrived in the Okanagan around the same time but hit some speed bumps getting certified in its hometown. Others, like Apt Rides in West Vancouver and Coastal Rides, which aims to serve the Sunshine Coast, won PTB approval but hadn’t put cars on the road by press time.